Organization and communication is key in a transaction

“Measure twice and cut once.” This is an old-time saying from the tailoring industry, and it means that good planning is what enables us to perfectly complete our task. There is a lot of correlation here with the Real Estate industry. We are doing business at a time when the art of the deal depends largely on our ability to be at the negotiating table with our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed. If you want to play the game, you have to pay the price, and in this case the “price” is more than money. The “price” is the legwork we put into organizing ourselves, whether it’s documenting our financing, properly organizing an LLC, or simply making sure we know when the deadlines are coming. It’s about being proactive. And in Real Estate, being organized can make the difference between a life of wealth, or a history of missed opportunities. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right broker. It’s my job to get your documentation in order, and to be cognizant of the deadlines, so that we can best capture opportunities and profit for you. But not only do you need the piece of mind to know your broker is on a project for you; you need to be aware of what, precisely, your broker is doing for you. One of the biggest things clients are frustrated about is that although their brokers are working hard for them, they’re not aware of it. You need systems in place to maintain communication. With my clients, I keep them up to speed with REA9 Connect software. Having this technology in place means that every time I’m working on a file, and every inquiry I make on a project, it’s recorded. And with the ease of a password, you as my client, can log in and see what I am doing for you. It’s the same software I use in providing you with a weekly update. But you also have the freedom to check in whenever you need to, in order to adequately assess what I am doing on your behalf. The best broker is someone who is completely transparent. With my background as a veteran Real Estate specialist and designation as a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), I can incorporate my skills as an expert in commercial and investment real estate, and my personal commitment to transparency with all my clients to help you capture the opportunities in the growing Puget Sound Real Estate market.

The CCIM designation is carried by just 6 percent of all commercial real estate professionals in the country. Professionals holding the designation are recognized experts in the professions of commercial and investment real estate. CCIMs function as a critical resource across the board in the real estate industry: from the commercial property owner, to the investor and the property user.

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