Whats the Difference Between Class A, B & C?

The difference between a Class A, Class B, and Class C buildings vary in each market with no definite formula for classifying a building, however, the general characteristics of each are as follows:
• Class A buildings represent the most prestigious buildings with the highest rents within a metro area. Typically a Class A buildings will have the highest quality construction, a premier location, and contain the highest quality of tenants.
• Class B buildings are generally a little older but still well maintained with rents in the average range for an area. Class B buildings do not compare to Class A properties, however, investors target these buildings as investments since well-located Class B buildings can be returned to their Class A status after renovation and improvements within the area.
• Class C is the lowest classification of a building with rents below the average for the area. These are older buildings in less desirable areas and are in desperate need of renovation.

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