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Jason Wilcox provides clients with the most effective multifamily and commercial real estate investment strategies throughout all phases of the investment lifecycle, based on each client’s unique goals, needs, and expectations.  He understands that not every investment opportunity is right for every investor, and not every seemingly golden opportunity is all that it might seem to be on the surface.  By continuously monitoring, analyzing, and assessing ever-changing market conditions and trends in Seattle and the Puget Sound region, Jason consistently achieves successful results for his real estate clients.  Clients rely on Jason’s full service approach to ensure that they are getting the greatest yield from their real estate portfolio.


To protect and enhance each clients’ real estate investment, Jason works with an established network of real estate professionals throughout the Seattle and Puget Sound region that specialize in a wide array of services including: commercial lenders, insurance agents, legal professionals, city planners, architects, contractors, and property managers. These strong relationships enable Jason to provide his clients with services tailored to meet the specific opportunities, needs, and challenges faced throughout each stage of the real estate investment lifecycle in order to add the greatest wealth to their portfolio.


Many commercial real estate investment firms choose an agent to work with a client, however the agent might change with each individual transaction.  Once a client builds a relationship with Jason, he is committed to remaining by their side every step of the way to help them achieve the maximum return from their real estate investments.


 Property Types:

  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Flex
  • Retail


Call Jason today at 206.919.7643 to achieve the maximum return from your real estate investments.


By continuously monitoring and assessing market conditions and trends for multi-family housing and commercial property in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area, I can develop the most effective real estate investment strategies based on each client’s goals, needs and expectations. Not every investment opportunity is right for every investor, and not every seemingly golden opportunity is all that it may seem to be on the surface. Performing due diligence in understanding the markets and the unique position of my clients has resulted in consistently obtaining successful results.

Brokerage services for buyers and sellers:

Seller Representation

I provide sellers with up-to-date market research and analysis, property valuation, analyzing and recommending highest and best use, creating custom platforms for delivery of properties to the market, negotiating purchase and sale agreements and managing the sales process through closing.

Buyer Representation

I work with clients on all aspects of due diligence, estimating property values, measuring investment performance and potential, evaluating markets and opportunities and applying investor decision-making analysis to optimize investment returns.

Owner/User Representation

In addition to the Buyer and Seller Representation services noted above, my partners and I at REIS run comparative lease analysis, provide lease vs. purchase analysis, sale-leaseback analysis and lease buy-out analysis.

Analyzing and selecting the best investment property is the first challenge; after that, you need to manage your assets based on the reality of ever-evolving markets to achieve the best return. My services begin with the purchase process, but many of my clients continue to rely on my full-service approach to ensure that they are getting the greatest yield from their portfolio. I continually review financial performance during the hold period and perform frequent analyses to evaluate whether or not to invest in capital improvements, refinance, reposition, sell or continue to own without any changes. My partners at Raven CRE and connections at real estate service companies throughout the Seattle and Puget Sound region create a strong, professional network that can benefit my clients in a wide range of areas from commercial lending to property management and tenant improvements. My commitment is to full service for all of my clients so that they add the greatest wealth to their portfolio.


Commercial and multiplex property owner services:

  • Market analysis
  • Financial performance analysis
  • Financial risk analysis
  • Lease and property financial auditing
  • Development potential assessment

Here are some of the ways I can help you make the right real estate investment choices:


Consider the Full Impact of the Business

As the owner of an investment property, it’s important to consider how that business operates and what your role should be. Everything from evicting tenants to re-investing in the property needs to be considered. It’s better to plan ahead than be caught unprepared.


Evaluate Cash Flow

Negative cash flow will turn your golden opportunity into a nightmare. I’ll help you evaluate the numbers objectively so that you don’t get caught in a negative cash flow situation.


Professional Services Contacts

Protecting your real estate investment is another key area that you need to consider. Your liability can include everything from parking areas to plumbing, so teaming up with an insurance agent who understands the needs of a commercial property is essential. I work with professionals in a number of critical areas, such as insurance and legal services, who can help you. And if you decide to make improvements to maximize your return, the project may well require working with architects, contractors and city planning departments; I can help connect you to professionals who can get the job done right.


Help Determine Rental Policies and Rates

To make the most of your real-estate investment, you need to set your rents at market value. At the same time, you have to reduce vacancies. I’ll research the market and help you settle on a fair rent structure that will keep your property in the black.


Market Analysis And Evaluating Your Investment

My commitment to my clients doesn’t end once they get the keys. I’ll meet with you every year to reevaluate the investment and your needs. We’ll look at the property in light of the current market and discuss ways to improve its performance or whether the time is right to sell.

Jason Wilcox: Exclusive Argus Self Storage Broker Affiliate in Washington State

Jason Wilcox is the exclusive Argus Self Storage Broker Affiliate in Washington State specializing in self-storage properties.  Jason is part of the only national network of commercial real estate brokers who assist buyers and sellers of self-storage real estate by combining the knowledge and expertise of a local broker with the exposure of the Argus national sales and marketing program.

Through Jason, clients will be connected to a national network of experienced brokers located throughout America who specialize in the purchase and sale of self-storage properties.


  • Thorough knowledge of self storage
  • Focus on one type of real estate
  • Creative solutions to specialized problems
  • Interaction with professionals in the industry
  • Awareness of industry-wide financing

General Services:

  • Transaction assistance
  • Help in sales preparation
  • Support contact with national brokers
  • Create and distribute detailed property presentations and property brochures
  • Distribute “Market Monitor” print newsletter with information on Argus listings to tens of thousands of self storage professionals
  • Promote Argus listings on website www.selfstorage.com
  • Personal contact with potential sellers and buyers at convention/trade shows
  • Up-to-date notices on new listings via email

Seller Services:

  • Evaluate property
  • Development of professional marketing materials
  • Instant access to local, regional and national buyers of self storage real estate
  • Represent the seller in negotiations to achieve the best disposition price

Buyer Services:

  • Evaluate needs and identify appropriate properties
  • Property research
  • Instant access to local, regional and national listings of self storage real estate
  • Negotiate the purchase of the property
  • Assist in obtaining financing

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